The Cautionary Tale of DuckieTM

The Benevolent Betrayer

The story of DuckieTM is a harsh reminder that appearances can be deceiving. Known to all as a charming and helpful individual, DuckieTM's true nature remained hidden beneath a veneer of kindness. Last January, his deception came to light in the most unexpected of betrayals.

MansionPlay, welcomed DuckieTM with open arms. They trusted him, as did everyone in the retro community (Krews or Nitro), to handle their digital assets through remote access tools like TeamViewer and AnyDesk. With his expertise, he helped set up their GIT service, promising to secure their hard work in the cloud.

However, a critical oversight was made: the disabling of keyboard communication and file transfer settings was overlooked. On that fateful day, DuckieTM exploited this lapse in security. With just a few clicks, he committed the unthinkable—he stole everything. The entire repository of MansionPlay's hard work, their dreams, coded into reality, was siphoned away silently.

But the betrayal didn't end at theft. DuckieTM began flaunting the stolen assets on Krews’ Discord server, brazenly claiming them as his own creations. He showed off the TypeScript code he'd show — not just any code, but the backbone of MansionPlay's own assets, impossible to have replicated from compiled JavaScript. Note: it's impossible to get the TypeScript from a website as you will see the compiled Javascript code.

Questions arose from the community, yet DuckieTM denied everything. His audacity didn't stop there; he continued to showcase more stolen work, each display a slap in the face to those who had trusted him. He even went so far as to integrate the stolen code into a new project, making superficial changes to make the commits appear as his own.

DuckieTM's actions serve as a painful lesson—trust, once broken, leaves behind deep scars. The dedicated team at MansionPlay had poured their skills and resources into their projects, hiring expert programmers to bring their visions to life, only to have their trust shattered by someone they believed was an ally.

In a brazen continuation of his deceit, DuckieTM has integrated nearly all of MansionPlay’s assets into his own retro hotel, ProHotel, visible at This audacious move underscores the depth of his duplicity, making use of stolen resources to bolster his own projects. Our team is preparing to unveil further evidence of DuckieTM’s misconduct with an upcoming release, shedding light on his actions in what will be a significant expose. We are committed to ensuring that no user remains unaware, and firmly believe that scamming should never be rewarded. Stay tuned as we continue to fight against such unethical behavior in our industry, in the meantime we are preparing for a Pro(fessional) Hotel Release!

Let this be a warning: DuckieTM cannot be trusted. His polite demeanor masks a deceitful nature that could endanger any retro hotel. For the sake of your own projects and peace of mind, keep a safe distance from this individual. No community, no matter how tight-knit, is immune to the machinations of those like DuckieTM, who prey on goodwill and trust.